Screen Below The Wind Festival will be the bridge between the rich Southeast Asian cultures. It will give better understanding in social dynamics and vibrant of the region. The Festival is the place to share your mind and heart about...

Summary of the Project

Screen Below The Wind Festival will present 15–20 documentary films & photo exhibition on Southeast Asian cultural diversity to local & international communities. This event will be a travelling festival, which is quite new in this region. The Festival will be initiated in Ubud, Bali on November 16–18, 2012.

The screenings will take place in 3 venues (2 indoor and 1 outdoor) in famous art village of Bali named Ubud. After the first festival, the films & photo exhibition will travel to four other Southeast Asian cities, with screenings and exhibits held for three days in each place.

The Ocean is Still Blue

In the long history of Southeast Asia, this region has produced lots of documentaries (films & photo essays) especially in the past 20 years, but unfortunately Southeast Asian public rarely knows documentaries created by South East Asian documentarians. As a matter of fact, cultural diversity of Southeast Asia is a treasure in ‘the ocean of documentary’. Not only to create great films & pictures but also marketable products that could enhance the industry itself.

On the other side, many Southeast Asian people are passive consumers of foreign audiovisual products, but very few are aware of regional documentary product. This advanced yet simpler digital technology from camera to editing software, the cost to create documentary would be a lot cheaper than 10 years ago. With cheap flight, Southeast Asia region is indeed an excellent package for excellent documentary projects. Besides, better economic and political stability in this region has made it a strategic producer for global players like the US, Europe, China and Japan.

Project Goals

  • To encourage & celebrate Southeast Asia’s cultural diversity
  • To stimulate documentary industry in Southeast Asia
  • To create a hub between documentarians in Southeast Asia
  • To inspire young generation in the art of doc as unique cultural product
  • To foster solidarity Southeast Asian people through media & documentary



Ubud village, Bali currently has no working cinemas, so screenings will take place in non‐traditional venues that will be equipped with projection equipment and proper sound system. The venues located in the heart of Ubud: Campuhan College and IDEP Foundation. The photo exhibition will take place in ARMA Gallery.

Documentary Ambassadors

Each Southeast Asia country will be represented by the documentary ambassador which will be appointed in the festival. This person should have the nationality of the country that he/she represents, works in the documentary field, art or media industries and well connected to local film or photography communities.

Preferably if they have an understanding of the film history of their country and its potential, possess a necessary relationship with the government & its film department. Also they have connections to varied media outlets.

It will be their responsibility to curate 5-7 best representative films made within the past three years. There will also be required to suggest one honoree from their countries to generate national and international industry connections.