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Amelia Hapsari, Indonesia

Short bio

After obtaining her bachelor and master degree in Communications from Ohio University, Amelia Hapsari worked as a radio journalist in China for 4 years. In 2009, she moved to Timor-Leste to direct a non-profit production house that produces TV programs, advocacy videos, animation, and short dramas. Amelia is now the Program Director of In-Docs, an non-profit organization that promotes documentary filmmaking in Indonesia.


Fight Like Ahok (2012, on competition “SEA Best Shorts” Chop Shots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia)
Sharing Paradise (2009, screened at Athens Film & Video Festival, Ohio, 2009 and AAA/Society for Visual Anthropology Film, Video & Multimedia Festival, 2009)
The Heroes and the Land (2002, screened at Denver International Film Festival, Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival)


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