Screen Below The Wind Festival will be the bridge between the rich Southeast Asian cultures. It will give better understanding in social dynamics and vibrant of the region. The Festival is the place to share your mind and heart about...

Ariel Heryanto
Dr. Ariel Heryanto
Board of The Festival

Associate Professor, School of Culture, History & Language — Australia National University

Ariel Heryanto is Associate Professor of Indonesian Studies and currently listed as Head of Southeast Asia Centre, The School of Culture, History and Language. He held the position since 2009 when he joined The Faculty of Asian Studies, ANU. Previously he was convener of The Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne. His first two degrees were in Education from Universitas Satya Wacana, Indonesia. He gained his MA degree in Asian Studies from University of Michigan (USA), and PhD degree in cultural anthropology from Monash University.

Since 1998, Ariel has been deeply involved in a series of trans-national initiatives for building a region-based Southeast Asian studies. Over the past 30 years he has published more than 600 opinion columns for the Indonesian major print media on culture, arts, language, politics, law, ideology, gender, religion, history, education & social classes, as well as reviews of books, films & theatre performances.

Iwan Setiawan
Iwan Setiawan
Festival Inisiator & film curator

Documentarian & Founder of Amerta Audiovisual Library

Iwan is a former journalist of TEMPO Magazine who loves travelling in Southeast Asia region. His concern in social issues and history was rewarded by International Federation of Journalist (IFJ) when his story about the survivor of Jakarta Riot on 1998 won best feature on fighting racism in South East Asia (2004).

In 2004 Iwan moved to SCTV & started his documentary works on a TV program titled ‘Sigi’. His first documentary about illegal logging in Papua became nominee of best documentary in Festival Film Indonesia 2005. Since then he continued to learn from various resources in filmmaking. Leonard R. Helmrich (The Netherlands) and Kim Longinotto (England) are among others that has helped him shaping his documentary craft-skills. Together with other four directors, Iwan was involved in documentary anthology project titled ‘At Stake’ (2008). It was then shortlisted as an official selection at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) 2009. At Stake has also been screened at several film festivals in Europe & Asia. At Stake won best feature category on Festival Film Dokumenter 2009 (Yogya).

He left SCTV & pioneered Amerta Audiovisual Library in the same year (2009) to work on his dream path in documentary. His last feature doc film is Rediscover The Star (2012) He believes that documentary will create a ‘wonderful journey’ to young people in Southeast Asia region. In 2012, together with documentarians from several provinces in Indonesia Iwan started Nusantara Documentarians Network.

Dian Herdiany
Dian Herdiany
Programmer & film curator

Founder of Kampung Halaman

As the founder of Kampung Halaman, Dian is still active as a board member & facilitator in participatory education programs organized by Kampung Halaman. She graduated from Anthropology, University of Indonesia. In the Youth Community Media Programs, Dian & Kampung Halaman are building & maintaining some collaboration with groups of young people withs diverse backgrounds throughout Indonesia. To develop a collaborative project using photos, video & artworks in the purpose of stating their voices about the youth problems & the reactions upon them

The kind of collaborative work is then brought Kampung Halaman as the only youth community group in Asia to achieve International Spotlight Award from the national Arts & Humanities Youth Program Awards 2011, in Washington DC, USA.

Agung Sentausa
Agung Sentausa

Film Director, Southeast Asia Culture enthusiast

Agung is a film director with architecture degree from University of Parahyangan, Bandung. In his career, Agung has been filming many commercials, television films & programs, music videos, and documentaries. Aside his contribution in Kampung Halaman’s participatory programs, Agung is active as a speaker and a mentor in some filmmaking workshops held by LA Indie Movie, Indocs, Sampoerna Foundation & others.

Two of his feature length movies (Garasi, 2006 & Badai di Ujung Negeri, 2011) were critically acclaimed as excellent at capturing the youth and its problems. His interest in young people, either as the idea of film production and as a social reality, is driven by the fact that the youth is the reflection of the changing times with its dynamic vibrations.

Edy Purnomo
Edy Purnomo
Photo curator

Edy is an accomplished photographer with a special interest in documenting “stories of the people”.

He has given workshops to groom Indonesia’s new generation of photographers and was elected to join the 2006 World Press Photo (Amsterdam) training-for-trainers program.

He is a graduate of the University of Jember, East Java, with a major in English Literature. He learnt photojournalism at Antara Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia since 1998.

Also, Edy was joined South East Asia photojournalism workshop held by World Press Photo Foundation in 2002.

He started his career in photojournalism by working as a stringer for Agence-France Presse and Getty Images News Service.

His work has appeared in National Geographic Indonesia, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times & publications linked to the United Nations agencies.

He just launched the photo book “PASSING” in October 2012 which featuring selected images from working as a photographer for fourteen years.

Nanang Hape
Nanang Hape
Film curator

Puppet Master, Theater Director, Writer & Musician

Nanang mixes the traditional with the modern, something he does to bridge the cultural divide between generations. Born and raised in Ponorogo, East Java, Nanang’s background is deeply rooted in traditional performance art, especially wayang (shadow puppet show).

Despite being part of a generation of young artists, Nanang has immersed himself into contemporary performing arts, not afraid to explore and experiment with wayang. Apart from being a dalang, Nanang has been working on EKI’s musical performances since 2002, collaborating with director and choreographer Rusdi Rukmarata.

His most prominent works include the Sandosa performance, a wayang performed in Indonesian, played by a number of puppet masters. On International Marionette Festival (2008) in Hanoi, Vietnam, Nanang won best directing award for his works: Wajah-wajah Menyala. Another his excellent work is “Luz de Java” Menina do Mar, Genevieve de Brabant & El Retablo de Maese Pedro (Wayang in collaboration with Opera) with Jose Lourenco, Portugal (2003, 2004).