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Hassan Muthalib

Animator, Designer, Director & Writer

Hassan was born in 1945. He is a self-taught artist, animator, film director & writer. He started his career as a Graphics Designer & went on to write & direct public service filmlet, animation shorts, & Malaysia’s first animation feature film.

He has won awards for his first live-action filmlet for an Anti-Drug Campaign, Best Visual Effects for a feature film, & a Best Documentary Jury Award for his first documentary. Hassan has also co-written the Malaysian Cinema segment for the book, Being and Becoming: The Cinemas of Asia. He has presented papers on film & animation in some universities, & overseas. He is a creative writer for the National Theatre & presents critical papers for local and foreign publications.

He sits on various advisory panels for the education and film industry and is also a frequent jury member for film festivals (including at the 1998 Pyongyang International Film Festival). He conducts workshops & also teaches at some of the top design, animation & film colleges in Malaysia. He is the President of the Animation Society of Malaysia, and is currently compiling material for writing books on Malaysian animation & cinema.

Dr. Katinka Van Heeren

Research Fellow, Humanities Studies, Leiden University

Katinka van Heeren built up a specialization in Javanese, Indonesian Islam, and audio-visual media in contemporary Indonesia. In 2009, she obtained her doctorate with a thesis on Post-Soeharto audio-visual media. In addition to her academic career, she has organized several film screenings, as well as participated in festivals as a member of the jury.

She is affiliated to ASEACC, which annually organizes The Southeast Asian Cinemas Conference, and Kajian Sinema Indonesia, a group of Indonesian scholars who study recent developments in Indonesian audio-visual media. From five years researched on Indonesia film history, Katinka wrote her book titled Contemporary Indonesian Film (2012).

Riri Riza

Director, Film screenwriting, Royal Holloway University

Riri was born in 1970, a Graduate from The Film Department of Jakarta Institute of the Arts. He went to take his Master in Film Screenwriting in Royal Holloway University of London, UK. He is the leading film director of the post reform Indonesian cinema. His film Sonata Kampung Bata, won an award at the Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, Germany & has since been screened in many festivals around the world.

His first feature film was a musical drama Petualangan Sherina (2000) that successfully got him into the box office and opened the door to the resurrection of Indonesia’s film industry. In 2002, he wrote & directed Eliana, Eliana.The movie won Young Cinema Award & the Netpac Award at the Singapore Film Festival, Special Mention in the Dragons and Tiger Awards in Vancouver and Award for Best Actress in Deauville, France. Eliana, Eliana has also been screened at prestigious international festivals like Pusan (Korea).

Riri wrote and directed Gie in 2005, which won Best Film, Best Actor and Best Cinematography in Indonesian Film Festival (2005) Also won Special Jury Prize in Singapore Film Festival in 2006 and Special Jury Prize Asia Pacific Film Festival in 2007. His film Laskar Pelangi, released 2008, is a phenomenal success, breaking the record as Indonesia’s biggest box office film. It is an official selection at the Berlin International Film Festival 2009 and has been screened in more than 20 international film festivals over the 5 continents within one year after its release.

Dr. Yanuar Nugroho

Research Fellow, Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester

Yanuar Nugroho (born 1972) finished his PhD in 2007 in technology innovation & social change focusing on the role of the Internet in civil society. He holds the Hallsworth Fellowship in Political Economy & Social Change in the Innovation Policy and Management Division, a member of research group in the area of innovation, development & sustainability at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) & a core member of the Centre for Development Informatics (CDI) Yanuar was awarded ‘Outstanding Academics of the year 2009’ by Manchester Business School, UK.

He was formally trained as an Industrial Engineer from the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) Indonesia and awarded Chevening Award to obtain his MSc in Information Systems Engineering at UMIST. He was also a visiting lecturer in some Indonesian universities (1998-2004) and a regular columnist for major Indonesia’s media like The Jakarta Post & Kompas.

During his work with MIoIR, he has been involved in more than 17 projects funded by the European Commission and international charities. The most recent projects include EURECIA Understanding & Assessing the Impact and Outcomes of the ERC Funding schemes (2009-11) Also Citizens in Action! Mapping Social Media & Civic Engagement in Indonesia (2010).