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Sapril Akhmady, Indonesia

Short bio

I do not even recognized myself as a filmmaker. However, I made films with people, sometimes used it as a way to communicate, way to meet, way to ask people for seeing themself. I call it as ‘village cinema’, where people of the village were able to watch what they have done and what should they are doing for the next. I am not saying it have influenced people to change for better life… in fact, they have influenced us.

Working together with people using media, mostly moving image, for helping them, including us to express their and our life views. Some called it documentary matter, but i prefer to call it applied documentary.


Dancing among the wave (work in progress)
Petikan dari tenggara (2011, documentary)
Nelangsa di ufuk kampung (2010, documentary)
Kutta’sillah (2009, fiction)
Anchors (2009, documentary)
Driving change (2008, documentary)
People inside the frontier (2007, documentary)
Kearifan tradisional (2006, documentary)


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